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Salespeople are very hard to find. Good ones that is. There was a time when big companies trained sales people. Then smaller companies hired them away. That time has passed. There is very little real sales training going on.


The answer for this starts with better defining your expectations. And it means more purposeful interviewing to get them on board. It means asking better questions. No hypothetical questions.  The key is to unlock the truth about what they have done in the past. In reality - not based on boasts.  And when they are on board, it means providing some training.  Not just "throwing them out here".  Lastly, it requires the discipline to review their performance regularly.  Using metrics to determine whether (or not) they are on the right track is key.  And to do so frequently.


There is some science to this. If you are not sure how to get more from your sales staff, feel free to give us a call.

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