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Lighthouse Advisors, LLC offers programs to help companies and individuals increase executive and employee productivity and well being. These programs include in-depth personality assessment, personal coaching and programs on a variety of topics.


Looking to reduce the guesswork in your hiring decisions? Finding the best employees for your open positions can often be challenging. Excessive turnover costs your organization time, money and lost opportunities. Profile exactly what you are looking for and gain expert guidance on how best to manage that individual in your organization.  Get the right people and then get them in the right roles.


Have you ever had a miscommunication with your employees or co-workers that resulted in costly errors or poor performance? You can avoid this by using specific communication techniques that ultimately help save companies money and increase bottom-line returns. If you have an individual needing help with interpersonal skills, we can tailor a program to your situation. After a thorough work-style assessment, Lighthouse provides you with an analysis, specific assignments to coach employee improvement, along with follow-up coaching sessions to monitor progress. 



Are you looking to increase employee productivity? Communication is key. When management uses a supportive communication style in the workplace, employee satisfaction and productivity increases. Can you benefit from increased worker productivity? Additionally, many organizations find that when employees are better skilled in effective communication, their ability to listen to instructions and communicate with coworkers and supervisors improves. It is critical that you help employees to see how they impact your customers – thus giving them a reason to help you and your customers, and in turn grow your business profitably.


  • Strategic Planning

  • Communications 

  • Marketing & Branding 

  • ​Financial Issues

  • Sales

  • IT Issues 

  • Succession Planning

  • Infrastructure Growth

  • People Planning

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